Hematology and Oncology Fellowship

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The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship program at Michigan State University is fully accredited by the ACGME and offers combined fellowship leading to board eligibility in Hematology and Oncology. During the first year, fellows are predominately involved with the care of hematology and oncology patients. In the second year, fellows are encouraged to develop a research project with one of the faculty members.

Outpatient clinical activities are located at the MSU Breslin Cancer Center adjacent to McLaren Greater Lansing. In-patients are hospitalized in special oncology units staffed by oncology nurses, clinical pharmacist, physicians and occupational therapists. In addition, statewide hemophilia clinics are available in the spring, summer, and fall for interested fellows.

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The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program at Michigan State University offers multiple opportunities for clinical and research experience. Michigan State University is a member of the NRG Oncology, the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) and the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium. These groups offer opportunities for participation in clinical oncology protocols. Interested fellows are encouraged to design and implement clinical protocols through one of these groups.

Multiple opportunities exist for training in basic sciences with research in the fields of carcinogenesis, cancer pharmacology, tumor biology, tumor immunology and other ontologically related areas. Hematology research areas include clinical hemophilia, biochemistry of humoral clotting factors, platelet immunology, iron overload, immunology of tissue compatibility and other areas.

Applicants must successfully complete an Internal Medicine residency program in the United States before they are eligible to apply for a subspecialty fellowship.

For additional information, please contact Christina Bott, Program Coordinator at (517) 884-4484 or bottch@msu.edu