Charles "Chuck" Williams, PhD

Charles  Williams
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  • Academic Address: 8254 Life Science Bldg, Room B238A, East Lansing, MI 48824


Charles "Chuck" Williams is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Medicine at the MSU College of Human Medicine. His expertise as a translational scientist bridges the realms of chemical biology, cell signaling, genetics, and developmental biology. Dr. Williams has made significant scientific contributions, notably in elucidating the cell-autonomous response of angioblasts to hedgehog signaling during artery specification. He has also played a pivotal role in characterizing the critical function of PDE4 in regulating hedgehog signaling and has been credited with discovering the first small molecule inhibitor for GPR68. Together with Dr. Hong, his research delves into the intricate role of centrosome breakdown in myocytes in the context of human disease. Furthermore, in partnership with Drs. Hong and Neitzel, Dr. Williams is at the forefront of pioneering innovative therapies targeting a pivotal pro-oncogenic signaling pathway activated downstream of the Warburg Effect. His ongoing investigations encompass the exploration of extracellular acid as a signaling modality during both development and disease. Dr. Williams has also edited a book on chemical biology. He earned his bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University, and later pursued his PhD in Developmental Biology at the same institution. Dr. Williams comes from the University of Maryland Baltimore, where he not only served as research faculty but also directed a course on Human Genetics and delivered lectures on developmental biology.
He published several case reports and posters in international, and regional conferences. He has been working on mental health effects of COVID-19 especially for admitted patients. He is also working on submitting the manuscript in JAMA.



2001 – 2004    Vanderbilt University            

2006 – 2007    B.S., Molecular and Cell Biology, Vanderbilt University

2012 - 2017     Ph.D., Cell and Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt University,

Thesis Advisor – Dr. Charles C Hong MD, PhD, FAHA 

“Chemical Genetics of Vertebrate development”     


Post Graduate Education and Training    

2017 - 2018     Post Doctoral Fellowship, Dept. Med., Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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