Compliance Training

For the following compliance training,
instructions can be found at MSU VPRGS Required Training

Fraud Awareness / HIPAA Training
Training is required annually.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Training
Blood-Borne Pathogens courses are on an annual training cycle

Annual Disclosure of Financial Conflict of Interest (COI) for more information including steps to complete the annual online disclosure for training
When do I need to make a disclosure?

  • Annually: it must be completed no later than February 28 of each year. As that is tax preparation time, you would have received recent information about your current investment status of any stocks and holdings, which may help when updating your Significant Financial Interests.
  • Project based: PHS/NSF regulations require that each institution and investigator applying for, receiving, or being supported by PHS/NSF funds be compliant with PHS/NSF rules regarding training and disclosure prior to applying for funds and the establishment of conflict of interest management plans prior to the expenditure of funds.
  • Revising Disclosures: disclosures must be updated within 30 days of acquiring or discovering any new significant financial interest.
  • COI Training needs to updated every four years

Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) Policy

All faculty and staff (including graduate teaching assistants and research assistants) are required to complete an online training program within 30 days of hire and biennially via the reminder notice in order for the university to comply with federal standards. This program includes foundational information on relationship violence and sexual misconduct as well as important information about MSU’s policy and mandatory reporting protocols. Failure to comply with this university mandate will be reflected in the annual performance review and may lead to disciplinary action.

For additional assistance, contact
Jinie Shirey
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