Code of Conduct

  1. Foster open communication, constructive conversation, and active listening among colleagues by building trust.
  2. Cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusion for all individuals in the workplace, keeping in mind diversity and cultural differences.
  3. Reach out to any colleagues that appear to be struggling and offer support and help in finding resources.
  4. Do not discriminate or practice favoritism based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  5. Avoid harassment or abuse (written, verbal, physical) of patients, faculty, and staff.
  6. Know and follow established reporting mechanisms.
  7. Clarify procedures, expectations, and policy‐making at the Division/Department level to strictly adhere to credentialing compliance.
  8. Accept full responsibility for your professional performance. Provide only expert testimony, written work, and oral presentations that you would be willing to have peer reviewed.
  9. Report unsafe or hazardous workplace conditions in a timely manner to facilitate effective resolutions.
  10. Promote a patient‐centered environment by prioritizing and completing all clinical duties, tasks, and responsibilities accurately and within a timely manner.