The Department of Medicine has a vibrant research program which is noted for its high level of external funding per faculty and its interdisciplinary nature. Basic bench research, clinical research and translational research are included in the Department’s diverse portfolio. Nanomedicine, vascular biology, cardiovascular science, clinical trials, pharmacokinetics, clinical epidemiology, and medical education are just a few of the topics under active investigation. Most investigators work closely with other MSU scientists in areas including engineering, nutrition, food safety, veterinary medicine, and the health sciences colleges. Departmental faculty serve as Principal Investigators on grants from the NIH, OSHA, the CDC, HRSA, and several foundation-funded projects.

Research is also emphasized in our training programs and there are numerous opportunities for trainees to work with established scientists. Scholarship is required for all housestaff and all are expected to publish at least one abstract, although many publish manuscripts during training. Research in residency opens doors to fellowship training and provides a rich background for those selecting primary care. We also strongly support research in undergraduate medical education.


Office for Research Contacts:

Ade Olomu, MD, MS, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Vice Chair for Clinical Research

Dr. Olomu with nurse and patient