Department of Medicine Ratings

Revised 10/2017

Teaching: Teaching Award (national/regional/local) OR Leadership (course master/director) in an educational program that has been cited for excellence. Developed a new course/curriculum that is accepted by the Curriculum Committee or development of an MSU course that is adopted by another school.

Research/Scholarship: Serving a leadership role (PI or Program Director) in a competitive research grant or research contract from federal or national funding agencies that is active, AND > 2 peer-reviewed research publications AND mentorship of junior investigators/grad students, or award for research excellence (national/regional/local).

Administration: Division Chief/Unit Director whose Division/Unit has been cited for excellence or recognized regionally/nationally. Recognition for outstanding service to a national/regional committee or organization (includes being elected President/Governor).

Clinical: Award for clinical excellence. This may include editing a clinical textbook. High productivity combined with exceeding several national benchmarks for quality on measures likely to improve patient outcomes. Recertified through ABIM for specialty or subspecialty.

Satisfactory / Highly Satisfactory (the difference between these two will be determined by Chair with input of Division Chief)
Teaching: Participates in teaching medical students/housestaff in clinical and/or didactic venues. Generally gets satisfactory reviews from students/housestaff and completes documentation in a timely fashion.

: Serving as PI who is in the bridging period or as co-investigator/collaborator on competitive research grants or research contracts (academic year only for academic year appts) with clear plans (approved by Division Chair) to obtain funding as PI in next 2 to 3 years. AND 1-2 peer-reviewed research publications AND mentorship of junior investigators.

For Clinical Appointments
: At least one published article/chapter/case report/syllabus/new grant submission AND/OR a clear plan to incorporate scholarship in the future.

: Participates in committee work/administration as needed. Provides leadership for key programs as required.

l: Meets standard for productivity. No outstanding quality programs.

Teaching: Disciplinary action or verified complaints in past year related to teaching problems OR failure/refusal to teach MSU students/residents OR consistently unsatisfactory evaluations by learners OR failure to submit required evaluations or failure to complete documentation in a timely fashion (using published guidelines or as judged by the course/program director and supported by relevant data).

: For research-intensive appointments: with low or no research activity or funding (adjusted for percent research effort) in the past year and with no viable plans to increase funding.

: Persistent failure to comply with documentation/billing guidelines set by regulators (this refers to a pattern or cluster of failures, not a single chart) OR disciplined for or convicted of inappropriate medical decision-making or unprofessional behavior OR low productivity OR consistent failure to meet quality benchmarks when applicable.

All faculty: Disciplined or cited by a University body or regulatory agency for not following regulations/requirements including human subject requirements or animal use requirements.

Overall Performance Rating (Final Rating only assigned after input from Division Chief)


A single unsatisfactory rating in any category will usually lead to an overall unsatisfactory rating. However, if marginal performance is balanced by a clear plan for improvement and satisfactory/excellent work in other areas, the overall rating may be changed to satisfactory upon recommendation of the Division Chief and approval by the Department Chair.
To be rated superior, there must be an excellent rating in at least one area and the remaining areas must be at least satisfactory; and must have at least 60% attendance at Department meetings.

Division Chiefs meet with faculty for individual evaluations.
Department Chair meets with Division Chiefs, reviews recommendations, and finalizes evaluation.