Internal Medicine Clerkship (MED641)

view of meeting attendeesInternal Medicine is a four-week core clerkship that focuses on adult diseases primarily evaluated in the hospital. All 4 weeks will be spent on the inpatient service. The Internal Medicine Clerkship also includes several formative assessments and evaluations including chest x-ray and electrocardiogram PBA’s and other exercises designed to strengthen understanding in diagnostic evaluation, clinical assessments, and therapeutic management based on evidence. For additional details regarding the materials of the clerkship, visit

Internal Medicine Clerkship Directors:
• Flint Hurley: Basim Towfiq
• Flint McLaren: Halina Kusz
• Grand Rapids: Andrew Jameson
• Lansing Churlsun Han: (Lead Clerkship Director)
• Lansing Laura Freilich: (Assistant Clerkship Director)
• Midland: Atul Kappoor
• SEMich: Ana Capatina-Rata
• Traverse City: Larry Warbasse
• Upper Peninsula: Nicole Alexander