Medicine Critical Care Clerkship (MED643)

Group photo of Medical Critical Care clerkship directors
From left: Thair Dawood, MD (Flint Hurley), Kavitha Kesari, MD (Flint McLaren), Rebecca Ulep, DO (Traverse City), On Screen - Nicole Alexander, MD (Upper Peninsula), Sumugdha Rayamajhi, MD (Lansing), Abigail Entz, MD (Detroit), Kelly Barr (Dept. Clerkship Administrator), Prabhat Sinha, DO (Southeast Michigan), Chaz Hong, MD (Dept Chair)


The goal of the Critical Care Clerkship is to develop an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the evaluation and management of critically ill patients. This is done through a required, four-week, critical care experience, centered around tasks and experiences central to the core principles of critical care that can be learned in any of the three departmental critical care environments. Core principles of critical care include the recognition and management of organ dysfunction and failure in the respiratory, circulatory, renal, and neurological systems; as well as gastrointestinal and nutritional needs in critical illness; advanced life support management; and addressing airway support and vascular access. The Critical Care Clerkship delivers the key content regarding critical illness in the Shared Discovery Curriculum. It is a required clerkship and an essential portion of the Shared Discovery Curriculum.

Critical Care Clerkship Directors: 
  • Detroit: Abigail Entz
  • Flint Hurley: Thair Dawood
  • Flint McLaren: Kavitha Kesari (Lead Director)
  • Grand Rapids: Jason Frost
  • Lansing: Sumugdha Rayamajhi
  • Midland: Akintayo Sokunbi
  • SE Mich: Prabhat Sinha
  • Traverse City: Rebecca Ulep
  • Upper Peninsula: Nicole Alexander