Nanomedicine & Molecular Intervention Unit

The Division of Nanomedicine and Molecular Intervention is dedicated to research, training, and service aiming to promote biomedical and technological discoveries for gaining insights into genetic and cellular function/dysfunction and for leading to therapeutic interventions for disease. The division has significant emerging strength in areas of nanomedicine, cardiovascular medicine, neurobiological science, molecular imaging, and drug discovery. Interdisciplinary research via collaboration among investigators in the division and other units of the campus has been vigorously pursued.

For example, research has been carried out to determine the structure and function of cell membrane proteins, to identify the role of these proteins in signaling pathways, to develop nanoparticle-based methods to modulate expression of these proteins at the genetic levels, and to define the pathophysiological significance of these proteins in disease using animal models. Moreover, single molecule imaging and characterization are ongoing using innovative robotic atomic force microscope. These integrative yet unique approaches will provide improved interventions filling gaps or shifting paradigms in biomedical research and clinical practice. Several interdisciplinary collaborations have made impacts nationally and internationally. Synergistic interactions will provide a fostering environment for junior faculty development and for training the next generations of scientists working in these emerging fields.

Academic Contact Information:
Division Assistant: Kimberly Wright
Phone: (517) 432-5432