Division of General Internal Medicine

The major hallmark of the Division of General Internal Medicine is diversity, both in demographics and activity. The GIM division represents one of the largest clinical units within the College of Human Medicine, with 20 full or part-time faculty from a variety of backgrounds. Members of the division have major and diverse roles across the educational spectrum in the College of Human Medicine, ranging from directing preclinical and clinical courses to directing the residency programs to fellowship and CME teaching.

Most division members at one time have been recipients of departmental, college, university or national teaching awards and many have national prominence in medical education organizations. Allied with this recognition of teaching excellence has been the continued demonstration of excellent educational outcomes for our learners.

The GIM division is populated with excellent clinicians. Demand for many of our faculty as primary care providers is high. The clinical activity of the division is equally split between the ambulatory and inpatient settings. Division members have been instrumental in leading the HealthTeam's implementation and utilization of the electronic medical record.

Diversity in scholarship exists within the division as well. Members of the division are actively engaged in funded research in such diverse areas as medical education research, psychosocial medicine, health services research and understanding the basic mechanisms of disease. Our ability to attract external grants and contracts has grown substantially over the past several years. Division members have also received external funding for market analyses and business plan development for medical education technology.

The Division of General Internal Medicine represents one of the units within the college with the strongest institutional memory. Most division faculty members have been at MSU for years, starting here as students, residents or fellows, and are fully integrated members of the surrounding community. In the rapidly changing environment of medical care and medical education, the division is well poised to continue to support the mission of the College of Human Medicine and Michigan State University for the foreseeable future.

Clinic Contact Information
Phone: (517) 353-4941
Fax: (517) 432-3145
MSU Medicine Specialty Center
4650 S. Hagadorn Road
East Lansing, MI 48823

Academic Contact Information
Division Assistant: Jinie Shirey
Phone: (517) 353-3730